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February 2, 2015. Our email relay server is currently down. Please email your information to Alison@gctfl.net.

Let us match your experience and skills with our clients along with the amount of work that best fits your needs, full or part time. GCTFL offers the opportunity to earn a competitive wage.

At GCTFL you will find a supportive environment to make the transition to our clientele smooth and successful. As an independent contractor you bring your experience and skills to GCTFL and we work to find a best fit with our clients.

Go on - take a minute - fill out the form and let our recruiter follow up with all the details. Thanks for stopping in.

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At this time we are only accepting applicants with 3 or more years acute care experience.

System Requirements - Two configurations are possible. 1) Windows XP, Word 2003, Medical Dictionary/Spell Checker, and USB-1 pedal or 2) Windows 7 Home Premium/Windows 7 Professional, or Ultimate 32-Bit Operating System with Word 2003. Please note that Office 2007 and Word 2003 can coexist on the same PC. Vista 32-bit operating systems upgraded to Windows 7 will run the clients software.

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